The American Welfare Myth: Who Gets It and Why (You’ll Be Surprised)


Tanya over on ‘Illuminate’, brings us this excellent 13.33 minute “must see” video that exposes the truth about the American Welfare system. It concludes with details of the arising movement in the emerging economies of the global south for a Guaranteed Minimum Income, a modern day New Deal. This creative analysis is produced by Evolve Video and the Global POV Project at the Blum Center for Developing Economies, University of Berkley. All sources are cited.

Tanya is studying journalism in New York and she wants us to remember, “knowledge is truly power… my goal is to empower people to create change in society.” Thank you, Tanya.


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See video here

Here is a short documentary made by a professor at the University of California-Berkley about welfare and poverty. The idea for it came after the professor heard her students discussing welfare and government’s role in society. She was shocked to learn that these college-educated students, some of whom were on welfare themselves, harbored deep-seated, negative stereotypical attitudes and beliefs about welfare recipients. It was then that she realized that today’s young people have inherited the harsh Reagan-era ideology of how society should deal with the poor- mainly that welfare programs, like food stamps (now called SNAP), actually reinforce poverty by creating dependence on government assistance. After all, these programs are supposed to be temporary aid, so why should the poor get to live off them, right? Why can’t they just get up and work, right?

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4 thoughts on “The American Welfare Myth: Who Gets It and Why (You’ll Be Surprised)

  1. Thanks so much for the reblog and the kind words!! 🙂
    Sorry I’m just getting to this now- I’ve been so busy with school that it’s been overwhelming. Thank goodness next Friday is the last day of the semester!!! It’ll be nice to have more time to blog and interact with other bloggers once the semester is over. I get a (too) short Winter break, then back to classes in January.

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