This weeks photo challenge is Angular; the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright was a master at angles. One of my first blog posts highlights Kentuck Knob, a Pennsylvania home he designed in 1953 at 86 years of age. This was during the period he was working on the Guggenheim Museum. Kentuck Knob is 2200 square feet created on a grid of equilateral triangles. It was one of Wright last home designs. The pioneer of Organic Architecture died in 1959.

through the luminary lens


“ . . . one of Wright’s most poetic and beautiful residential designs. I continue to be moved by its unique and intrinsic beauty and marvel that the man who remains undisputed as America’s greatest architect, in his 86th year, found his muse on a knob in southwestern Pennsylvania . . .” Gerald Lee Morosco


“It is the nature of any organic building to grow from its site, come out of the ground into the light – the ground itself always as a component basic part of the building itself.” Frank Lloyd Wright – The Natural House 1954


Photo credit unknown


Organic commandment cropped

kentucky knob.watercolour

“. . . and then we have the primarily new ideal of building as organic. A building as dignified as a tree in the midst of nature.” FLW

Fran and I take particular joy in Wrights designs.  Kentuck Knob was built in 1954, on a hexagonal pattern and it contains…

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    • Thank you Janet. If you do get back to Fallingwater, Kentuck Knob is close by – if I remember correctly, within 1/2 hour drive. The original owners of Kentuck Knob used to visit the Fallingwaters Kaufman’s, and that’s how they were inspired to have Wright as their designer.

      Peace and best regards – Bruce

      • Oak Park! That’s where Wright started out in the early 1900’s. I haven’t been there (yet) but I know there are lots of Wright house there, including his own first home. They were called his “Prairie Style”. I hope your able to check it out!

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