Red Squirrel - Charles Brandt photo


Cougar  @ hermitage June 8, 2010 Charles Brandt photo


You and I, when the mind is still

see that the mountains

and the seas,


Comox Glacier - Charles Brandt photo


Gulls feeding on Herring spawn- Charles Brandt photo 


the forests and the rivers,


Charles Brandt photo original


 Salmon run, summer 2014 - Charles Brandt photo


tsolum river under a bright blue sky - by Charles Brandt] 


the animals and the birds,


Twins @ the Hermitage June 11. 2014 - Charles Brandt photo



Black Bear @ the Hermitage, Black Creek - Charles Brandt photo



Dunlins - Charles Brandt photo


 Dunlins Feeding at OysterBay, BC - by Charles A.E. Brandt


 Dunlins 2 - Charles Brandt photo


the trees and the plants,


Dogwood at Northy Lake - May 17 - photo by Charles Brandt


Skunk Cabbage - May 2 2014 Charles Brandt photo 


Hardhock - Charles Brandt photo


all nations, all races, all men and women and children,

are one.


Saskatoon, Saslatchewan - Bruce Witzel photo


United States Mexico Border - Bruce Witzel photo


Montreal at sunrise - Bruce Witzel photo



Headwaters of the Missouri - 3 forks, Montana - Bruce witzel photo


Once you see this in the silence of your heart,

you will never be the same person again.



Mt. St. Helen's - Bruce Witzel photo 


You will return from this summit of spiritual awareness full of practical wisdom,

passionate love, and untiring energy

which you will want to use for the benefit of all.


TrumpeterSwans - Charles Brandt photo


Photos by Charles Brandt and Bruce Witzel

Text by Eknath Easwaran




Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 6.56.20 AM



    • Thanks Sierra. All things are connected. The bear and the cougar are amazing animals, although a person wouldn’t want to run into them on a hike. We had a bear and her cub wandering around our place foraging for salal berries a few weeks ago, though they haven’t returned since.

  1. Bruce, did you go to the Animas Instititute, which is in your last photo? I’m reading Wild Mind at the moment. Very, very lovely.

    • Sorry I missed this comment Nicci… haven’t been on the computer that much.

      I haven’t gone to the Animas Institute, but Fr. Charles Brandt, a friend who took most of the wilderness photos in this post, forwarded me that photo as well. He also mentioned to me in an email some of Bill Plotkin’s work and writings. I did read a few chapters of one of Plotkins book – it’s awesome. I need much more to embrace moments connected with the natural world, as opposed to getting caught up in work, deadlines, or my projects.

      I had an old friend up from the big city for a few days . . . he just left half an hour ago. We went on a hike, sat enjoying the lake that my wife and I live by, and we had a nice campfire looking at the stars and the full moon – well, almost full.
      Good therapy – friends, nature and the universe, together.

    • Thank you Tanya. . . Fr.Charles Brandt is an amazing person who deeply cares for the earth. He introduced me to the writings of Eknath Easwaran, who passed on a few years back.

      I haven’t been so active in the blogosphere lately, so my apologies for not dropping over to your site. I hope you are well. It’s good work you are doing to help raise awareness and create a just and peaceful world.

  2. Pictures that radiate with His Presence “He is the fullness that fills everything in every way.” (Eph. l,23)
    God bless the excellent photographer and glorious Creator!

  3. Beautiful post, Bruce. And sharply true, “…never be the same person again”. Sometimes, I think it’s a blessing and a curse, nevertheless, a Gift.

    • Thank you Victoria.

      I hear you on the blessing and the curse – part of the part of the paradox of our being. In a similar vein, (or maybe as the flip side) the Jesuit paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin once said : nothing in the universe is truly profane for those who know how to see.


      • In the strict definition of the word I tend to agree because ‘one day’, it struck me that, “It’s either ALL spiritual, or none of it is”. However, the mortal spark in me says, some things are just purely egregious, and I cannot reconcile it, within me.

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