This small home has a bedroom loft with a living and kitchen area below it, as well as a bath room, foyer and and utility area. There was no room left for an office.

Custom book case with desk behind

By rebuilding the stairs with winders at the bottom, I created extra space for a built in desk and the custom book case.


Finished desk detail


           It was constructed of yew wood and birch ply.


Construction of desk








Desk top detail - Bruce Witzel                    IMG_0444






 Construction detail 2      
















        Built in desk  @ Winter Harbour - Bruce Witzel photo













The stairs are yellow cedar with 2×4 hemlock treads…


Stair and desk with incomplete railings


As you can see from the reflection in the window, the room has a wonderful view of the pacific rain forest. The owners did not want a balustrade although it is usually required for safety.


New staircase with desk below - by Bruce Witzel


As responsible citizens of the planet,

lets try to use only what we need to, and use it well.



Mahatma Gandhi - photo source unknown 

As Gandhi said:

“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but

not enough for everyone’s greed.”


Cheers – Bruce



Posted in response to the  Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

21 thoughts on “ROOM UNDER A STAIR

  1. Bruce I love the feel of the place that you have created. Thank you very much for visiting my blog, otherwise I may not have found you. 🙂 Jane

  2. Once long ago I spent a whole school term putting a parody of dovetail joints into two bits of wood which were then meant to fit together but never did. I believe it was then I accepted that I just couldn’t do practical stuff. But even I can appreciate the fabulous use of space and light there Bruce.

    • Thanks Cyndi. I wasn’t sure of the actual size of the house, but having worked there a few times, my guess would be about it’s 25 x 40 which would put it at 1000 SF on the ground floor with another 300 square feet in the loft. It may be slightly narrower. The choice of wood goes from a bit of alder to an array of cedar’s, pine, hemlock and yew. A few years back I replaced the asphalt roof with metal, for durability and fire safety.

    • For years the owners had a set of rickety narrow steep stairs, and the project started with rebuilding the stairs. Once that was complete, the project then evolved into the desk and book case. Thanks for your affirmation, Rosaliene.

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