Beartooth Mountains, Montana -by Bruce Witzel


Alpine Meadows of the Beartooth Range


Beartooth Mountain range - by Bruce Witzel


“I know, up on top you are seeing great sights, but down here at the bottom we, too, should have rights.” ― Dr. Seuss


58,000 Pines at the Living Memorial Sculptual Garden near Mt. Shasta - sculpted by Denis Smith, photo by Bruce Witzel  (through the luminary lens)



Living Memorial Sculpture Garden - created by Vietnam veteran and sculptural artist Denis Smith - photo by Bruce Witzel

Dedicated to those who are Down and Out

& posted in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top


Peace to All ~ Bruce



    • Your welcome Jill. I’ve been taking photos since 1973, with a hiatus for about 15 years after I lost my camera. Fran convinced me to get back on the horse in 2005. In some ways, the digital age has made photography so much easier, like adjusting light levels or cropping a photo after it’s taken. And another thing . . .it doesn’t cost a dollar a photo for film and processing like it used to, so a person doesn’t have work so hard to make each photo count. Ah, the modern wonders.

    • Hi Fr. Charles. Glad you like the photos. I’m working over on the west coast in Winter Harbour this week and Fran is visiting her son in Ottawa. Hope all is well with you in the mid island. Peace, as always . . . Bruce

    • Jeff – your article over on Kids in the system was absolutely delightful, if not unnerving. Partnership for Assessment of Readiness of College and Careers, for kindergarten! What next? Fran experienced similar absurdities and attitudes when she worked in special ed . . .

      What I found delightful (beyond Myrtle the Turtle), is your hilarious eye witness account of teaching those little gaffers. My own grand daughter, Emma, is in kindergarten this year. I can visualize her showing you her loose tooth or her new sneakers: the untied bootstrap ones, all the while jumping up and down saying she has to go to the bathroom . . . 🙂 Great post.

      • Thanks for taking the time to check it out, Bruce. Based on the intelligence and creativity of her grandparents, I’ll bet Emma is going to make her teachers earn their pay. Best to you and Francis.

    • Thanks Deb. One can never go wrong with Dr. Suess.

      I hope little B. is improving. Our little Emma broke her arm this week, though there is no comparison to the seriousness of your situation. All the best – Bruce

      • So sorry about Emma. I hope her arm mends quickly. We just heard today that B’s operation will be done in New York on May 19. We have been waiting impatiently to hear from the pediatric neurosurgeon there, afraid that the more time that goes by, the more danger there is for B. This doctor is perhaps the world’s foremost for this type of surgery, and we feel blessed that he wants to do the procedure himself. Thank you for your continuing concern. My best wishes for Emma!

      • Good news that you have such a great surgeon, and that a date is set for B’s surgery. Now it’s the wait, which won’t be easy. As for Emma, the Dr. now says her arm wasn’t completely broken, and that it will be as quick as 2 more weeks for complete healing. These youngsters have resiliency Deb.

    • It tis still morning here on the west coast, and a good afternoon to you on the east coast. It always important to ponder about things. Dr. Seuss was a masterful story teller, wasn’t he?

      If ever you’re in Northern California, the memorial garden amidst the pines is incredible. There are about 12 statues created by the sculpturer and Vietnam veteran Denis Smith as a testament to war and peace, and the power of art as healing. It’s only about 30 minutes from I-5 near Weed and Mt. Shasta. Well worth the visit.

      Take care and have a good weekend, Debi,

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