Book review – The Light Never Lies, Francis Guenette

Franics-at-Lake-huron.jpgRoy McCarthy, from “Back on the Rock”, is a finance manager, track and field coach and talented writer from Jersey, one of the UK’s Channel Islands. His recent novel, Tess of Portelet Manor, follows the main character from 1935 to 1954, and is therefore set largely during the German occupation of the Channel Islands. Recently, Roy graciously reviewed my wife Francis’ 2nd novel of the Crater Lake Series. Please, head over to Roy’s blog to read his brief and informative 5 star review, The Light Never Lies, Francis Guenette.

Back On The Rock

Francis Geunette did it again. It isn’t easy to emulate an impressive debut novel, but Guenette manages it very well simply by building on the same formula.

It is certainly advisable to have read Disappearing In Plain Sight as the residents of Crater Lake are reintroduced to the reader several months on. The often-complex relationships between the characters are the strength of these stories, and in one or two cases these have moved on. Izzy and Liam are now a firm item whereas the intriguing Beulah/Bethany relationship is showing signs of fracture.

We were left wondering what would become of young Lisa-Marie. We soon find out as she rocks up again at the remote Crater Lake location pregnant with Liam’s child. Well, I’ve never known the arrival of a baby have such a huge knock-on effect on a community. Major drama which involves Lisa-Marie’s aunt Bethany, Liam of course, Lisa’s sort-of…

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4 thoughts on “Book review – The Light Never Lies, Francis Guenette

    • Oh no … Fran was concerned about Roy’s review being a spoiler, and we discussed re-posting it, pros and cons. Fan is sitting next to me, and she says to tell you “it is worth finding out how it comes to be”. It won’t be as you imagine… it will still surprise you.

      It seems so unique to speak with you in real time on wordpress, Emilio. I do have to sign off, as believe it or not, we’re heading to our local library tonight where Fran is do a reading of The Light Never Lies… and of course everyone will be shocked about Lise Marie’s pregnancy —- argh.

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