DSC_0710Reinforcing last weeks theme of Passive Solar Design from Taliesin West, this re-blog was one of my first posts I ever did, that I have re-named to fit the Solar Sunday series. It takes us back 8 centuries to early Pueblo solar architecture located in modern day Colorado, showing us there is really nothing new under the sun. Enjoy this ancient wisdom and cheers to all – Bruce.

through the luminary lens

To explain: Putting together this post on Mesa Verde National Park I saw the DP Weekly Photo Challenge entitled Beyond.  Pondering and rechecking the parameters of the challenge, I decided to take a chance and make these thought provoking connections  – a U.S. National Park and  the future of our planet. In 2011 my wife Fran and I visited Mesa Verde in south western Colorado. The enduring solar architecture built by the ancestors of the present day Pueblo peoples is amazing. We ourselves have built a sun tempered home and live comfortably with most modern conveniences, completely independent from the electrical grid.

A disclaimer: I am not meaning to imply that todays societies can live without fossil fuels. Rather, I am proposing there are practical alternatives. One example, to look ahead and beyond (to an upcoming photo montage I am contemplating), are the Merits of Solar Cooking  – for the rich world and the…

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