Author Kristin Anderson’s double book review: Disappearing in Plain Sight and The Light Never Lies

IMG_0722.jpgAuthor Kristin Anderson has been writing professionally for the last 10 years in the fields of architecture and sustainability, and her debut novel is out – Green. A couple days ago, she shouted out praise for my wife’s 2 novels of the Crater Lake Series. This review gives a detailed overview of both of them, without being a spoiler. People of many walks of  life are being moved by these narratives – from business managers, mothers and teachers, to health professionals, mechanics, and loggers. If you haven’t already read either of Francis’ novels, please check this out now. Her background is as educator, researcher, trauma counselor, and grandmother…. all extraordinaire. By the way – the third in the series is due out in 2015 – Chasing Down the Night. Enjoy the review, thank you Kristen, and cheers to you all… Bruce.

Author Kristin Anderson

Earlier this year, I announced that I would be delving into the world of Indy author book reviews. Since then I have acquired a diverse array of reading material, and it was difficult to choose whom to read first. But then I came upon the intriguing Crater Lake series by Indy Author Francis L. Guenette. Set in a lake side community in Canada, the Crater Lake Series currently comprises: Disappearing in Plain Sight (January 2013, Friesen Press) and The Light Never Lies (2014 Friesen Press).

Disappearing in Plain Sight by Francis Guenette

When I read the first chapter of Disappearing in Plain Sight, I knew that author Francis Guenette was an accomplished writer, but I was worried that I had signed up to read a teen romance. Instead, I discovered a book that explores relationships between friends, lovers, personal identity and the myriad factors that shape a person’s current…

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4 thoughts on “Author Kristin Anderson’s double book review: Disappearing in Plain Sight and The Light Never Lies

  1. Wow, Bruce. I had no idea. Looks like I’m going to need to take some timeout to read this review of your wife’s work. Wold her novels be of interest to me? Never mind, don’t answer. I’ll let the book review sway me one way or the other. You’d be too biased- and rightfully so!

    • You’re right bout my bias. I’m proud of Fran’s achievements and her work stands on its own. I appreciate your interest Emilio, and hope you enjoyed the review. Peace bro, as always – Bruce

      • I read the review and my question is would a big, burly guy like me find anything to relate to in these books? OK, I’m not really big. Or burly. But, though they sound interesting, I’m wondering if readers of the female persuasion would get more out of them than someone like me. Male! But I suppose I could spend the money to find out. Just do me a favor, when my first coffee book of photos comes out, promise you’ll buy it! That will be in like, maybe 2020 or so!

      • That’s funny, Emilio. They’re are 4 or 5 big burly guys (sort of like you and I) who are friends I’ve worked with that have loved the book. As the reviewer states – the the first book begins like a teen romance…. but quite quickly becomes much more. Definitely good for both sexes.

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