This weeks photo challenge asks us to create a three photo story. The first, a broad photo of your subject; the second, a relationship with 2 elements interacting with each other; the third, a detail of one part of your subject.

~ Here is the story, Our Home on the Lake, narrated by Thomas Merton ~

Thoreau sat in his cabin and criticized the railways. I sit in mine and wonder about a world that has – well, progressed.

Our cabin on the lake

Technology is here, even in the cabin. True, the utility line is not here yet either. When the utilities and General Electric enter my cabin arm and arm, it will be nobody’s fault but my own.

the old Air 403 wind turbine and solar phot-voltaic array at our cabin

I admit it. I am not kidding anybody, even myself. I will suffer their bluff and patronizing complacencies in silence. I will let them think they know what I am doing here. 

from Raids of the Unspeakable ~ Thomas Merton

Our passive solar home - powered by renewable energy

In this photo you probably first notice the tabby cat.  Or maybe you notice the passive solar energy beaming through the windows, and the dusting of snow on the ground outside.

One detail I recommend you look closely at is the book that’s on the table – When Corporations Rule the World, by David Korten. It’s a great read.

Cheers – Bruce


    • Thank you so much Otto … Our home is a work in progress – 35 years now. And our out-of-the-way rural location is special for us.

      It is wonderful to able to share with others the possibilites of how we can build a better world. And I know in my heart, you understand this.

      I also appreciate and am inspired by your posts … about creativity, and how it relates to life, to the human spirit and to photography … and, I will have more details in the future, about our off-grid “cabin”.

      Peace to you, my earthly friend … Bruce

  1. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    Technology is here and keeps moving forward. It means we should consider the ways we use the tools and ask questions about their impacts on us as humans and the world we live in going from local to global. I loved the quotes from Thoreau and Merton which points us towards use of technology requiring a mindful stance. We sometimes forget that part.

    • Thanks for this thoughtful reflection, Ivon, We do have a choice on how we use technology, and what we embrace or reject. As you aptly suggest, lets be mindful of this. Individually and collectively, our decisions do make a difference – either positive or negative. Lets choose wisely.

  2. aw wish I live there
    so beautiful all those trees
    love the photos
    the first thing I saw on the last photo
    was the book
    and then the light how it enters the house
    very nice

    • Thanks Doris. It’s heartening for me you noticed the book & the sunlight … and the trees. We are grateful to live here although it’s not always so idyllic. I will do a post one day about the downside to living out here, especially in terms of weird weather events and such. I think I’d entitle it “the good, the bad and the ugly”. 🙂

      • I never thought of the weather, the place is so beautiful but nature just wants to be,looking forward for the post.

    • Liz – my apologies that I missed your comment about sustainable energy. You noticed the book first, not Leonardo the cat – awesome. If you like to read, Korten’s book When Corporations Rule the World, is excellent. He used to work for the World Development Bank, so he really knows what he’s writing and talking about. I’ll get off my soap box now. Thanks for taking time to comment.

    • We also have Merton to thank for that, don’t we?. I only fast forwarded 50 years, as has Korten, and put things in a slightly different context. Thanks for noticing the nuances. . . 🙂

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