My older brothers Allen and David – taken about 1960 by my Aunt Edith Fisher.

Slides 0140 - by my Aunt Edith Fisher about 1960


Rediscovering the Essence

(dedicated to Charles Brandt)


As youngsters grow

Into something other

To fit into the adult world

Of success and rightness,

More often than not

The essence is lost.


Unhappiness in general

Slowly creeps in,

Though the masks cover

Well festering wounds

Anointed with the games

People play.


At some point is discovery,

Life is short.

The work of the earth

Cannot drag down

Being and becoming.

Earth person is meant to blossom.


In rediscovering the essence

Let go of all


Living to the fullest degree

Aloud by universal principle.

Heavens meet earth

Alive and well without destroying

Seeing and breathing

Communion experience.

All the while 

Follow your bliss.



B. Thomas Witzel



Yes, this is me on my Uncle Clyde’s tractor in 1963 – not driving it of course.

Bruce & tractor


Cheers – Bruce


4 thoughts on “AS YOUNGSTERS GROW

  1. we lose things along the way…some we gain back but not everything. i like your last line: Follow your bliss. so true. and, that is now a very vintage john deere tractor. 😛

    • In the loss we can gain, though not what we might imagine. Following our bliss is a bitt of perennial wisdom Charles speaks of, also as described by Joseph Campbell – to become the person we are meant to be. The tractor must be in a musuem now – or more likely, crushed and recycled. 🙂

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