A new beginning


On the 12th day of Christmas

my true love gave to me . . .


The eve of the feast of the Epiphany – January 6th


The Brandt Series –

An Epiphany Moment

Photography and text by Charles A.E. Brandt unless otherwise noted


An epiphany is an experience of sudden and striking realization. Generally the term is used to describe scientific breakthrough, religious or philosophical discoveries, but it can apply in any situation in which an enlightening realization allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective.

source – Wikipedia

Photo source  unkown - forwarded from Charles A.E. Brandt

                            Photo source unknown – forwarded to Fr. Charles from a friend


Excerpted from the introduction of Meditations from the Wilderness – by Charles A.E. Brandt


The wilderness experience offers great riches. Those who write about the natural world often bring us a deep wisdom and, above all, a sense of hope. Their personal relationship with nature and their expression of it brings us all into a deeper contact with the various dimensions of the universe, especially its spiritual dimension. The wilderness experience can be translated into one’s lifestyle, into meditative prose and poetry, into song or dance.

Winter Snowberries - by Charles A.E. Brandt


Holly berries at the hermitage of Charles A.E. Brandt











Dunlins Feeding at OysterBay, BC - by Charles A.E. Brandt


Through communion with the natural world one comes to realize firsthand that the earth – its creatures, the galaxies, the universe itself – is a great celebratory event that, through a series of irreversible transformations, has brought us to our present moment, to a new millennium, to the threshold of the the new age of the earth, an age Thomas Berry calls the Ecozoic Era. It is an age of great hope, unlike the terminal Cenozoic Era which is drawing to a close. We name it terminal because of what we have done to the earth in our exploitation of it. But we can have hope that as we enter this new age, we will see a transformation of human consciousness.

Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona - July 2007 by Charles A.E.Brandt

We will come to live fully in the present moment and embrace the spontaneities the universe has poured – and is pouring – into us, that led us into a loving relationship with the natural world and form a single sacred community. Those who turn to the wilderness will enter into a deeper relationship with all beings as they learn to listen to the voices of these beings articulating themselves.    

Charles A.E. Brandt


Day old fawn[2] - by Charles A.E. Brandt

A day old fawn, Vancouver Island


For the weekly photo challenge – beginning


 Cheers to all – Bruce Thomas W.

Star over Victoria Lake

photo by Bruce



  1. Thank you for sharing such beauty. Wilderness has long been my sacred space, but I am not able to visit often, and the photographs renew the experience. Now we are stewarding the sacred space that we call Isis Farms. Thanks for the intro to Charles Brandt. You probably know it, but I want to mention the book, The Stars, the Snow, the Fire.

    • Your welcome Aggie. Your organic farm in Texas is a sign of hope to me, knowing that there are folks who are diligent and faithful to the earth in helping sustain and conserve life. Thank you for this.

      • We have not talked much publicly about our orientation to the sacred in what we are doing with the farm. Your recognition of this is moving for me, and connects us. Thank YOU.

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  6. For those of us who are far removed from the wilderness, we have ample opportunities to connect with nature through our gardens and parks in our community.

    Through blogs like yours and some Facebook friends, I sense a growing “transformation of human consciousness.” This gives me hope.

    • Thanks Rosaliene. Mindfullness + growing consciousness = transformation.
      And keeping connected with the natural world is essential in this quest.
      May more cities dedicate more green space for people and nature to enjoy.

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