Christams star over the lake & universal peace

4 thoughts on “Glo-o-O–or-ia

  1. I would agree with this but, unfortunately most people of the world will not. What is wrong with everyone? If you do not share my ideas you should be killed? A bit extreme, no? Anyway, sorry about that. Just wanted to say I love your hat. I wanted it for Christmas but Santa did not agree. Think I’ll ambush him on his way home!

    • Poor St. Nick. Please Emilio, I will give you my hat freely in exchange for your mercy to the over worked fella.

      In regards to the masses, I sometimes wonder if people of goodwill are the silent majority. It’s tough though, to love even our enemies. To turn our cheek, so to speak, though we must.

      Only love can conquer hate. No doubt it’s much easier said than done. Hey Emilio – how about you and I start together to work on this.

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