One earth – weekly photo challenge

The Brandt Series –

Conservation on three levels

Photography by Charles A.E. Brandt – Quote by Thomas Berry (1914 –2009)

“In reality, there is a single integral community of the Earth that includes all its component members whether human or other than human. In this community every being has its own role to fulfill, its own dignity, its own inner spontaneity. Every being has its own voice. Every being declares itself to the entire universe. Every being enters into communion with other beings. In every phase of our imaginative, aesthetic, and emotional lives we are profoundly dependent on this larger context of the surrounding world.”

Black tailed deer - by Charles A.E. Brandt]


Planet earth from space. Photo source -

Above image from web-log Three Worlds One Vision by Rosaliene Bacchus – Earth Day 2012: Mobilize the Earth


Western Grebe - by Charles A.E. Brandt


About Frater M. Charles A.E. Brandt

Adapted from an BC Bookworld article by Bob Jones, of BC Outdoors    

A quiet, scholarly man, Charles Brandt lives in a rustic hermitage overlooking the Oyster River. Much of the lower floor is devoted to a modern, state of the art book bindery and paper conservation laboratory. Considered one of North America’s most skilled paper conservators, he is often called upon to travel throughout the world saving and preserving precious documents. However, he does not consider this his vocation. 

Townsends Warbler - by Charles Brandt


Three Swans - by Charles A.E. Brandt


“I am interested in conservation on three levels: Restoring and preserving mans’ contemplative spirit – mine and other people; restoring what flows from mans’ spirit – what he creates from his ink or crafts; and restoring and preserving the earth. If we don’t do this, we have nothing.”   

Charles A.E. Brandt


Charles Brandt at his hermitage - photo by Nick Didlick

Above photo credit: Nick Didlick

A Roman Catholic priest, an environmentalist and a modern day hermit with degrees in ornithology and wildlife conservation, Father Charles Brandt has lived alone on Vancouver Island for most of the past fifty years.


View of the forest from Charles Brandts front porch - Mid Vancouver Island


More on the Brandt Series: Click below to open

Sacred earth community & the grand universe

The sun is my heart – borrowing from buddhist and catholic monks


Peace and happy winter solstice



    • I am the messenger Eddie, of Charles’ witness to the sacred beauty that surrounds us. It is good to pause, to breath, and to view the natural world, not as collection of objects to be desired or used, but as a community of subjects to be honoured and loved. Charles is fond of Aldo Leopolds’ wisdom, that we must think like a mountain.

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  3. aesthetically satisfying display of natural gifts
    still present for our beholding
    and co-existing in gratitude with, Bruce!
    thanks for offering Brandt’s contemplative
    insights to enjoy 🙂

    • David – my apologies for not responding to this in December. Thanks so much for aknowledging Charles’ contemplative insights. One week or so ago, I sent him a link to your recent post about water. I do appreciate your own contemplative insights as well.

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