Communities In Partnership – a story of belief, innovation, perseverance and hope

  Mrs. Barbara Kerr and Mrs. Sherry Cole, early solar box cooker innventors & promoters

Solar cooking pioneers – Barbara Kerr and Sherry Cole

helped found Solar Cookers International


A poem by Barbara Prosser Kerr (1925 -2012)  


Our gift to humanity has been                                                                   JULIETY

shepherding unquenchable fire            

into food, into water                                                                           

with love                                                                                                

providing relief, rest, confidence

for women.

Lightening the burdens of firewood and smoke,

of squatting by the stew pot stirring.

Mothers rest as healthy children

play nearby.

Women are singing in sunlight.



The Solar Cookers International Net is a growing global alliance of non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, communities, manufacturers, individuals and businesses.

MARIA in Tanzania


Widows in Tanzania live with an unjustified stigma, that can often include abuse. Despite the government’s efforts to help educate the public, prejudice still exists. Unfortunately, due in some part to AIDS, the number of single parent households are on the rise.

MARIA in Tanzania (5)

In 2010 and 2011 the Macedonia Ministry in collaboration with the Canadian non-profit group Kyoto Twist, provided more than seventy-five widows with solar box cookers and fireless cookers in the city of Moshi, within the Kilimanjaro Region. These cookers have helped save the environment as fewer trees are cut for fuel wood.

JULIETY in her yard and garden in Tanzania   


MARIA in Tanzania (3)















This Christmas, maybe consider a small gift to Kyoto Twist Solar Cooking Society to help the women of the 2 current Tanzanian projects we are currently in partnership with.



Peace to you all





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Posted in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


Photo Credits:

Top and Bottom – Solar Cookers International Network

Tanzania Photos – via Jack Anderson, program director – Kyoto Twist Solar Cooking Society


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