Last of summers flower power, and the autumn full moon.

During the last weeks of September and into early October the garden has given it’s last show of color . . .


Dying cosmos


Beautiful lily


Begonia and hostas



Yellow flower in our Garden



Clematis on the deck



Clematis against the wind



Another garden flower






The bean trellis!



A nasturtium






Raindrops on flower



Last cosmos


And now Saint Fiacre and Buddha are together, watching over tonight’s autumn full moon . . . .

 Full moon on the lake

“Because everything we do and everything we are is in jeopardy, and because the peril is immediate and unremitting, every person is the right person to act and every moment is the right moment to begin.”

Jonathon Schell                                                                                      


17 thoughts on “Last of summers flower power, and the autumn full moon.

  1. Beautiful pictures Bruce. Wish I had enough sun in my yard to grow colorful gardens, but hostas are about the only things that survive in the shade. So I will just enjoy yours. Thanks for sharing.

    • I am certain your hostas are beautiful, and glad you are able to enjoy them – without the flowers it makes your garden easier to mantain . . . and as you say – you’re able to enjoy flowers else where. Not a bad philosphy to live by, old mainer.

  2. Always poignant I think to see flowers dying – sunflowers in particular try so hard even when, out of thousands, there are only one or two left gallantly hanging on, then… Great pic of the full moon over the lake.

    • It’s great to hear from you Gwen, and I hope your school year is going well.

      I was away for a week, and was so suprised when I got home to see the Cosmos doing so well still, like they’ve gotta a 2nd life – and the nasturtiums are doing well too. Its thanks to the the indian summer we’ve been having for the past few weeks.

      • School year is off to a good start, thanks for asking! We had a wonderful spell of Indian summer earlier this month as well, but autumn hit full force this week in Chicago with our first frost over the weekend. Highs this week only in the 40s…brrrrr. I suspect what’s left of my summer gardens will meet their cold weather demise before too long.

    • Thank you, and I appreciate your caring Angela. I am fairly well, in this moment. Usually I’m too busy, but today I was able to slow down to enjoy the beautiful sunny autumn we are experiencing here on the west coast of British Columbia.

    • Thanks Ron – that clematis is especially hangin in. Most everything else is about finished. The last week we’ve been having and unusual bit of sunshine for this time of years which is a bonus for sure. It is time to enjoy the fall colours, although we mostly have evergreens around here.

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