Infinite: A Storied Universe

“Out where the final horizon becomes a drop of blood, a drop of life.

Where you will carry the universe on your shoulder, where the universe will bear your hope.”


Adaptation of Miguel Angel Asturias – Barefoot Meditations


Stars at Monument Valley


Monument Valley, Navaho Nation – USA


Monument Valley Lodge, Navaho Nation



Monument Valley at Sunrise


Navaho Painting at Monument Valley Lodge


“The universe is made of stories not of atoms.” Muriel Ruckeyser


Monument Valley Starry Night


Posted in response to the weekly photo challenge: Infinite


Cheers and peace to all – Bruce


12 thoughts on “Infinite: A Storied Universe

    • Meg – I had a busy week and missed responding to your comment here. It is so true to feel like a speck alongside the specks of the universe – when i look up to the stars at night it is a feeling of both awe and smallness – a good smallness, for certain. Thanks for your comment.

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