Travel Theme: Big

Sometimes big is beautiful too! This 28 foot tall statue is located on the north shore of Lake Superior near the Ontario township of Wawa, which means “Land of the Big  Goose” in the Ojibway language.  This big goose of steel was  built in 1963 to commemorate the completion of the the trans Canada highway.

Wawa goose


Another big famous statue along the Trans Canada Highway (a common theme it seems) is the 40 foot tall “Husky the Muskie” located in Kenora, Ontario. It depicts a muskellunge, a relatively uncommon freshwater fish and the largest member of the pike family. (Not 40 feet, but generally between 2 to 4 feet long).

Statue in Kenora Ontario


Small will return next week!

(or check out – foreshadow: small is beautiful here)

Cheers – Bruce


6 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Big

    • I hadn’t heard of it either. I had to google about it to find out. The whole area around the city of kenora and Lake of the Woods is a beautiful part of what is known geologically as the Canadian shield.

    • Roy!! I replied to your comment way weeks ago though I’m learning it is best to go right to my actual blog to do this because I see the comment didn’t register. I think what I had said, was that on this same vacation Fran and myself also visited the Terry Fox statue on the Trans Canada @ Thunder Bay, Ontario which was where almost half way accoss Canada Terry could run no more. Gee – I could have added that photo too. Maybe one time I’ll do a blog dedicated to Terry.

      Happy joggin and bloggin. 🙂 Buce

    • Was over in Lund for the past few days, and away from thre computer for a few days. Heh – over here on the island we have that giant hockey stick – another magnification of our Canadian identity, eh?

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