One scene, two ways (or even 3) – a beach, a flower, and a rainbow

This weeks photo challenge has been fun. I often choose photos from my archives but the past few days I consciously worked at composing pictures in the vertical mode, which I rarely do. Here are the results.


1. A rainbow at the lake


Lake rainbow!


Lake rainbow 2


My step son was visiting from Ottawa. He liked the rainbow too . . .


Shooting the rainbow


2. Tiger lilies in our wilderness garden


Tiger lilies

Tiger Lily in our garden










3. A beach on northern Vancouver Island, BC Canada


Cluxewe beach


Cluxewe beach portrait


Stay tuned for my next post, Small is Beautiful – Part 2


Solar heat gain on the beach cabin in the woods

Cheers to the power of the sun – Bruce


Solar heat gain on guest cabin

18 thoughts on “One scene, two ways (or even 3) – a beach, a flower, and a rainbow

    • Hi Lou – that’s cool. From the south tip of the island to the north tip. Nice to hear from you.
      We had a small music festival up here this past weekend – right behind the beach in the photo at the Cluxewe campsite and estuary. Our great Canadian music icons from Valdy and Chilliwack performed – check out my wifes recent blog about it if your interested -

      She also has a great novel set on the North Island

      Take care down in the capital. Bruce

    • Thanks so much enjoying them and commenting. What I really like about blooging is meeting so many diverse people from around the globe, witnessing the different landscapes, and hearing and sharing our stories. Personally it broadens my horizons . . . if i recall correctly I’m bouncing this comment way off to you on South Africa. (correct me if I wrong) . . . ah the joys of the blogosphere. Peace to you, Janaline.

    • Thanks, Alexandria. For more about his cabin you might consider looking at this post I did last week – Small is Beautiful Part 1

      More about this cabin, Small is Beautiful – part 2, will be posted in a few days.

      I’ll head over to your blog and visit when I ahve a bit more time. Thanks for your comment and best regards. Bruce

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