To know . . . or to feel? And disappearing in plain sight . . .

“It is not half so important to know as to feel.” Rachel Carson, Silent Spring 

My wife Francis’ past life includes trauma counsellor, researcher, and organizer.  She still remains, an educator ‘extraordinaire’. This bodes well on her new journey as author of Disappearing in Plain Sight, and the upcoming sequel, The Light Never Lies.

The light never lies - rainbow on the lake

I have heard it said that certain truths are best expressed in fiction. Set on a Crater Lake on Northern Vancouver Island, Disappearing in Plain Sight witnesses well to real life issues of of grief, desire, and even bullying, making the novel much more valuable than it’s $3.92 price tag. That costs less than a latte!

The light never lies -  at the lake

Disappearing In Plain Sight is highly acclaimed and here are some of the reviews:

  • Beautifully and thoughtfully written – full of rich characters. Touching . . . sometimes bringing tears to my eyes.

  • This is no ordinary book. Guenette’s description of the characters, the area . . . is so realistic, I could see it and feel it. A terrific read by a gifted new author. Don’t miss it!

  • I couldn’t put this down . . . The perfect book to disappear into.

  • A captivating read. Guenette keeps you guessing with cleverly woven twists . . . Grab a cuppa and put your feet up. You’ll want to cozy up for this one.


    I say this is a powerful read and you won’t be disappointed! Click here to order a copy now. 



    Alternatively, a few items are free if you click over to  Francis’ blog. She is having a party for the whole month of June, and has numerous prizes if you ‘like’ or make ‘comments’. One prize is a soft cover copy of her novel, Disappearing in Plain Sight.


    Disappearing In Palin sight - at the lake


    Finally, if you click on her recent post Irrational Fallacies and Communication Skills – Saying What Matters, she introduces her new complementary blog.  Fran uses her well honed counselling savvy, to begin a basic yet comprehensive course on communication skills. Complete with flip charts and photos, it’s well worth to click on Saying What Matters, just to see the notable if not hilarious monkey photo at the bottom of the post.

    Ok – that’s it with my pitch – enjoy all the photos and the Einstein quote below.


    With my little niece, Jade. The cat is Leonardo (named after the liberation theologian, Leonardo Boff).

    Albert Einstein says in the background poster –

    “Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.”


    Disappearing in Plain Sight - cover

    Emma riding a bicyle!


    . . . And my granddaughter Emma is riding a bicycle. Drivers, please watch out!



    Emma can ride a bike

    OK, now I’m out of here – or rather – Disappearing in Plain Sight.

    Cheers to all – Bruce


    11 thoughts on “To know . . . or to feel? And disappearing in plain sight . . .

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    2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have such a sweet spirit and love for your family. Your Emma is adorable. Enjoy life, and hopefully I’ll be getting better acquainted with you and your family as time goes by. ) marsha 🙂

    3. Okay, I know we just recently discovered each other in WordPress land, but durnit! I’m over there working my way through all the archives, just so I can be up to speed…!
      😀 – Enjoying my visit there so far…

      • Glad you’re enjoying it . . . I’m out on a job, so haven’t had much time for the blogosphere 😦 Tommorow I’ll be back at it. . .gottta find the muse, for a new post) – and I’ll have a solar cooking post coming up this summer sometime. My wife said you were over at disappearing in plain sight – she’s got a cool site too, doesn’t she. Thanks again TamarhJo

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