CURVES, On the Highway (and on change)

 Share a picture of CURVES and explain why you chose that picture!

“Change is like a curve in the highway, it is not the end of the road unless you forget to turn.”

(quote from Skymall magazine)

California Higway 299 out of Arcata - curving through the fog


And below is an more eclectic and slightly altered version of the same photo.


California Higway 299 out of Arcata - curving through the fog

Ah, how we can create, such different stories in the world!

Speaking of stories, the title of my wife’s popular new novel – Disappearing In Plain Sight – fits well with this photo, doesn’t it?  One amazon reviewer says  “Guenette’s cleverly written twists and turns, held my attention all the way through.” (Click here and scroll down for reviews.) 

Today on Friday, you can click here to download a free copy of Disappearing In Plain Sight, from I-TUNES. Head over to Francis’ blog because she’s having a party, with other free prizes!

Speaking of change – tomorrow is GLOBAL WIND DAY – so keep an eye for my final post on WOWW, the Wind Power Series. 

Peace to you all – Bruce


15 thoughts on “CURVES, On the Highway (and on change)

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    • Ah – thanks Lisa. I hope you were able to get the free I-tunes version yesterday, because we discovered this morning that the I-TUNES people (or someoone) got the promo dates incorrect – it was offered free on Thursday and friday – and not Friday and Saturday, as my wife had arranged. Darn!

      Francis and I been busy on our social media platforms informing people and apologizing. I know how turned-off I feel, when something is offered for free, (or as a ‘deal’), and then I find out otherwise. Thanks for showing interest in the novel, and I sincerely hope you were able to get it.

      Have a good journey this week, and I’ll watch on NM Frame of Mind for your updates. Take care – Bruce

      • Hi Bruce,
        I’m sorry to hear there was a problem with the promo dates but no worries here, I got my copy yesterday. 🙂

        We will be spending most of next week in Santa Fe, NM and I plan to take lots of pictures so stay tuned for plenty of southwest photos!

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