THE SIGN SAYS: How far we have come! How far we could go!


IMG_1584 (2)b

Parliament Hill, Ottawa Canada – Nellie McClung, Women’s Suffragette: elected to Alberta legislature in 1921.



Unitarian Community center, Pasadena California


IMG_5867 (2)

homeless man at the Tucson Arizona courthouse


IMG_5940 (2)

Sign at the University of Arizona in Tucson


Here is a link to the Daily post Weekly Photo Challenge: The sign says

Peace to all . . . Bruce

8 thoughts on “THE SIGN SAYS: How far we have come! How far we could go!

  1. You are very welcome, Victoria. Lately I have been filing and editing my photos, and I had created a whole folder of photos that I call ‘Signs and Sayings.’ So as I scrolled through, those 4 photos really seemed to serve the ‘muse’ well.

    And the Schweitzer quote really speaks to me, about how we need each other.

    I recall a time when I was feeling really down and out – sitting in my little truck at an intersection in a big city – and as a woman walked by in the crosswalk she must of noticed. Because she caught my eye and smiled at me, and smiled a few more times, gently and with encouragement. Until finally, at the last moment possible, I smiled back at her. I always am grateful to that person, for she helped rekindle my flame – just with a simpe smile!

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    • Thanks – I took the photo from quite a distance to not be intrusive, and then zoomed and cropped it in. I really liked and then noticed the lovely green thing on his hat, only afterwards. I bet it had a good and powerful message written on it, like homeless people often do for us “passer-byers” – to help us stop, pause, and really think!

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