Architecture is the triumph of human imagination . . . 

It is at least the geometric pattern of things, 

of life, of the human and social world.










It is at best that magic framework of reality that we sometimes touch upon when we use the word ‘order’.


Frank Lloyd Wright

Click for a collection of his geometric patterns





This past week I finished some construction details around our rebuilt kitchen deck. The patterns are evident in so many ways – the cedar shakes, the green roofing, the decking itself, the wooden vent, and even the fan shaped fern in the square planter. What other patterns do you see?




Of course there is the lattice work itself!


Our neighbour Noel, hand crafted the cheerful tiled and mirrored mosaic.





The colour of dark pink was inspired by Emma, my lovely grand child. We recycled the paint from her dormer bedroom. She says she prefers light pink, but that was out of the question.



If you would like a taste of Emma’s spunk, click here to go to my wife Francis’ hilarious post – Emma does Michelangelo. This little 4 year old gives an amazing impromptu lecture about famous painters, including George Seurat’s painting technique known as pointillism . . .

(a pattern in and of itself )

dot by dot by dot  . . .


Photo credits on this post go to Francis (except for the Emma portrait)

I was busy cleaning up the tools.     Confused smile 

Cheers . . . Bruce


16 thoughts on “PATTERNS, LATTICE’S and DOT by DOT by DOT

  1. Love your sense of design and color. I would call this Functional Art (one of my categories in the Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture). It looks like you live somewhere up high, in the mountains. Beautiful location, I bet.

    • Thanks for he compliment. It’s a long commute from New York though . 😕 And you’d get a big mucky carbon foot print!
      Drop by here in the blogsphere any time for sure. The cyber-coffee ia always ready to brew.

      By the way, Tanya – good work on your blog, and keep up the your voice against misogyny and patriarchy.

      Best regards. Bruce

    • Thank you Lily. Sorry I didn’t reponse quicker. A friend told me that thess two colours combined are significant to buddhism. I’ll have to check up on it. I’m certain Emma dosen’t really care about it though. Just the pink! I’ll dorp by again to your blog when I havve more of a chance. Take care – Bruce

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