The Value of Education

Building on the theme of peace, my wife Francis posted this blog today – so I’ll fly into the blogosphere on her wings today. I promise to not make a habit of this. 😉



As a student and an educator, I have spent many years in tune with the cycles of the school year. The sunny spring days of late April and May always make me think about the current school year winding down. Elementary schools look forward to outdoor sporting events and field trips. Teachers accept that concepts not hammered in by this time probably won’t take hold.

The university session is already completed, and intercession and summer courses are anticipated. There will be a different tone to those courses – good weather does something to the higher reaches of academia. (A reflection that obviously pertains more to areas where foul weather is a distinct possibility – as in most of Canada – maybe it doesn’t play out in California!)

This time of the year will always have me thinking freedom while September inevitably brings thoughts of new beginnings.

I came across a…

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3 thoughts on “The Value of Education

  1. Hi Elizebeth. Yes …. ““Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” Thanks for visiting Francis’ blog and commenting here. Hope you had a good holiday, and I’m glad the terror is over in your part of the world. Take care.

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