Up – With Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Rising Prophets


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I recently read that Canada’s financial institutions employ 6% of the nations workforce while reaping 25% of the nations business profits.

In the past 10 years, these same Canadian banking institutions have shifted 565 billion dollars (more than half a Trillion) to “offshore tax havens”.

Much of this tax and money shuffle is legal. And much of it is illegal – money laundered through ‘shell companies linked to arms deals, drug lords and tax fraud. 

The Tax Haven Data leak was revealed to the mainstream media on April 3, 2013 and is beginning to expose in detail some of the ways and means that the rich and powerful abuse their privilege in countries all over the globe.

Here is a great link to a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation news story and video entitled HOW IRISH REPORTER GOT HUGE TAX-HAVEN DATA LEAK.

The journalist is Gerard Ryle, and he now heads the Washington DC based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists – a project of the Center for Public Integrity – the organization that worked 8 months to break this important world wide story.


MLK materialism quote



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Photos were taken in the the courtyard of the Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral, on Dorchester Street in Montreal, Canada. Looking up, of course . . .


9 thoughts on “Up – With Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Rising Prophets

  1. Great post, Bruce. And thank you for the link to jfossback, I’ll be sure to check-it-out, too. I understand what you mean about ‘voice in the wilderness’…. and then, sometimes I just need to take a break. There is so much information coming out, has been for a few years now, it becomes overwhelming at times. That’s usually when I go to the garden, and play in the dirt. Or grab the camera, and go for a walk. Peace to you.

    • Hi Victoria . . . I hear you about information overload. A break from it all is a great idea. I’m totally with you, on going into the garden, and getting the hands dirty in that few inches of humus. And although it’s work, good work brings meaning to our lives . . . and for me, gardening is also meditative – sort of mindless – that is wonderfull at times.

      Heh . . . by the way . . . I recently discovered the Slow blog manifesto – sort of thinking quality, not quanity.
      Ah . . . now i’m giving you more information . . . just some snippits though 🙂

      “Slow Blogging is a rejection of immediacy.” . . .
      “Slow Blogging is speaking like it matters.” . . .
      “Slow Blogging is a response to and a rejection of Pagerank.”. . .

      It sure gave me pause for thought, so i thought I’d share this with.

      I really appreciate your comments, Victoria. Peace to you, too.

      • Hey! Thanks so much for sharing, Bruce! Love the Slow Blogging manifesto. Is there more to it? So far, from the snippets you’ve provided, it definitely fits in with my blogging ideals.
        Anything which rejects reactionary-reflex / immediacy, and supports quality, gets my vote every time.
        Thanks again. Wishing You a fabulous week! ~ Namaste

    • Sometimes I feel like a voice in the wilderness, so I appreciate your affirmation – it took me courage to post this, recognizing the challenging nature of the title, the by-line, and the profound Martin Luther King quote.

      On a note to other readers – please check out jfossbacks’ blog ‘Terrapics’, with its truly epic photos. Here is the link to his most recent post – http://terraepics.com/2013/02/25/seaside-silence/

      Lets borrow and share jfossbacks’ “attitude towards life” with each of us having “respect for all beings and this lovely planet that lets us enjoy a rich, curious, and active life.”

      Thank you jfossback, and best regards – Bruce

  2. Excellent. There are some who say it’s too late, the net has closed. I guess I still think there is hope; after all, there are more of us than there are of them! But not enough of us really understand what’s going on yet. It’s coming. Thank you for a great post. Hang in there!

    • Thanks Susan, for the encouragement and support. Humanity needs each other – sometimes to hold each other up – and other times, to hold each other in check.

      I will never give up!

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