Montreal Spring Thaw @ Lachine Canal National Historic Site

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”

– William ShakespeareIMG_8417



The Lachine Canal is a canal passing through the south-western part of the Island of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, running 14.5 kilometres from the Old Port of Montreal to Lake Saint-Louis, through the boroughs of Lachine, Lasalle and Sud-Ouest.

The canal gets its name from the French word for China (La Chine). The European explorers dreamt of finding a route from New France to the Western Sea and there on to China, and hence auspiciously the region where the canal was built was named Lachine.

(from Wikipedia)



















All photos were taken in late March 2008. As you can see it was tee-shirt weather. As I write this blog @ 11.00 PM April 2, 2013  Environment Canada is recording the weather in Montreal @ –1 Celsius . . . supposedly  rising to +8 tomorrow . . .  followed on Thursday by possible snow flurries.  In Montreal,  you never know when spring will awaken? But when she does,  she “puts the spirit of youth in everything!”


IMG_3008 (2)

Spring 1969 – ‘Bed In for Peace’ – John & Yoko with Prime Minister Pierre Eliot Trudeau

(photo of a photo)


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