Easter Meditation – “I saw the red flame of the kingly sun”

Quote from Thomas Merton’s Journal


Hidden by pines and cedars to the east, I saw the red flame of the kingly sun glaring through the black trees, not like dawn but like a forest fire.

CSC_0010-2 (2)


Then the sun became distinguished as a person,

and he shone silently and with solemn power through the branches,

and the whole world was silent and calm.



7 thoughts on “Easter Meditation – “I saw the red flame of the kingly sun”

    • Thanks, Louise. By the way – the bottom photo in this post is Lake Manitou in Saskatchewan – north of Regina – you probably swam in those healing waters as a child.

      It sounds like you had a wonderful trip and thanks for the post card from Barcelona – I hadn’t heard of the architect Gaudi. In the photos, his buildings seemed to me almost like Salvador Dali’s paintings – sort of surreal, or maybe more fairy like. Photos are never like actually really being there of course. Isn’t awesome for you and Dave to discover so much of Europe, after so many years in the North Island and the Yukon!

      Fran is busy most days writing away on her sequel novel “The Light Never Lies.” I know you will soon hold in your hands a familiar “Disappearing in Plain Sight.” With your loyal editorial analysis over the many months, I hope you will feel like the proud Aunt embracing again a lovely and long lost niece. Only this time around, the niece is fully grown with her own complete identity! For me the novel is fascinating – especially now that I’m not searching for typos!

      Louise – I’m so happy you’re finding refreshing and tranquil moments ‘through the luminary lens’. I am refreshed in the creating and sharing . . . love and peace . . . Bruce

    • Thanks for the comments and for staying in touch – and it is wonderful to share the wisdom of a person like Merton. At times I still ponder if he really did die accidently. In another sense, with his writings – he never died at all. Happy Eastertide Brendan

    • I’m pleased about that, D. Nelson (aka smilecalm).
      I was very interested in your recent post about the march and peace vigil to the Livermore Nuclear Laboratory that you particpated in this past ‘holy week’. I had no idea that such a facilty existed there and it is so close to Berkely and Stockton.

      On another note about peace – I am now using a new tool. Whenever I am feeling upset or angry, I say to myself – SmileCalm! Thanks for giving me that.

      • Happy to hear that my friend. For years I benefited from Thich Nhat Hanh’s poem: breathing in I calm my body; breathing out I smile; dwelling in the present moment; this is a wonderful moment. Hey, it still works. Hense, smilecalm! Be well.

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