believe love relax live – and climate change?

BC’s pacific coast of North America is a temperate rainforest of towering spruce and cedars trees.  Normally we receive 180 inches of liquid sunshine per year.  To quote Dylan, “A hard rains a gonna fall.”

In autumn of 2010 we definitely had a harder rain than usual. Bridges and roads disappeared, power lines and trees were downed, and people became stranded – some for as long as a month.

After a week the floods receded and we were able to dig (and saw) our way out. However, the normal 20 minute drive to town now required a costly and time consuming alternative route – 2 hours per day. Our solution  – a long desired 12 day trip to New Mexico.

On the journey we discovered the Billingsly Creek lodge and Retreat, near Hagerman, Idaho.










“In the heart of the Magic Valley and located on Idaho Scenic Route Highway 30, Billingsley Creek Lodge and Retreat is a beautiful and relaxing destination nestled in the trees next to beautiful Billingsley Creek. This very special creek is fed from the natural springs of the Snake River Aquifer. The water is 58 degrees year-round and has been underground for 150 years.”

From Billingsly Creek Lodge & Retreat Website




To be safe we asked about flooding. Being spring fed, the creek flows consistently year round – we slept peacefully.



Some of the delightful  areas of the retreat.




To see more photos of the lodge including the Earnest Hemingway cottage go to the post called Blueoilmutiplex17 – PHOTO ART 101 (click here), and then scroll down.





Luminous at night.


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