To those of you who have been following my photo blog, and for you newcomers,  last week I created an about page for Through the Luminary Lens.  Just click on the link or about.


Experimenting with an editing feature I created what appears like a hand drawn image of our home. Take note (at the bottom left) the 1 kilowatt photo-voltaic solar array which is powering this computer, and behind that (below the deck) our solar hot water heater. Whatever you have heard about solar energy, I can attest that it is a completely feasible energy source. The sun shines everywhere on this blue-green planet – even in the pacific northwest rainforest of North America!



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    • Thanks again for the kudos, Victoria – without being too specific, you have a special connection with our lake! I’m enjoying your blog as well, from the appalachians. Namaste

  2. Interesting. The editing feature that makes it look like a hand drawn image, was it done in photoshop? … may be a trade secret, that’s ok. Looks like a nice house built on a slope. I like the mirror image pic of the mountains, reminds me of Lac Léman near Geneva in Switzerland,

    • Hi. The editing feature actually comes on the cameras program itself – it is a a Nikon D5000. The software disc that came with the camera was basically useless, although I think they (Nikon) offer a different software program, (for a price of course). So, like all editing, I play around with the features and do some editing on the camera itself, although I’m not really able to see the edited results until I download it to the the computer. It means lots of trial and error. The camera has 2 other useful edit features I like- 1) Perspective control (which I used slightly in the original photo of the building), and 2) a star filter effect, which takes points of light and creates different star effects. I use this feature judiously (sp) Thanks for your comments and compliments on our house and the lake photo. Bruce

  3. Both the “drawing” and the capture are fantastic! I think it’s so cool that your house is solar. I wish more places ran on solar power it would be so much better.

    • Yes indeed. Just orienting 1/2 of the windows to the south brings passive solar gain during heating months @ zero cost. And then proper overhangs and/or deciduous trees or vines keep it cool in summer. Solar electric panels require capital investment, but they are no different than other investments … well in my view, the best investment because your investing in the earth! I do believe the change is coming . . . I only wish faster.

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