Looking through my photo archives I found an image I had taken in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC in Canada. The problem was, it was out of focus. I often enjoy dabbling in the photo studio program, and one technique that I utilize is an effect that makes a photo appear like a painting. On one of my first posts (click here on its title Organic Architecture – Kentuck Knob) I had used this special effect on all three of the photos. It hadn’t occurred to me to use it in an attempt to redeem a slightly out of focus photo.  Until now. Eureka!

In many of my photo blogs I also use quotes, to build up a narrative, and for inspiration or reflection.           Today for a change, I’ll share a poem I wrote a few years ago, entitled Streams. It relates well with the image.




Trickling from the source,

streams of the mountains

mingling with teardrops,

one with the other

in ancient rhythm interwoven,

flowing over rocks turned to pebbles

smoothing down the ages,

moving towards its destiny calling.

B Thomas Witzel

2 thoughts on “STREAMS – PHOTOART 101 PART 2

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