Blueoilmultiplex17 – PHOTO ART 101

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”    Albert Einstein



The art work above, originates from a photograph! About a month ago I was having fun with an editing program called photo studio. When it comes to computer programs my motto is – if its simple, I’ll try it. This is what came from that creativity.


As I edit and/or change my work, I always save an original copy , and successive modifications are named (somewhat randomly) as I progress.  Hence, the main title I choose for this post – Blueoilmultiplex17 – is that random “bit’ of saved information.

Blueoilmultixplex17 all began in 2010 when I was on vacation with my wife Francis. Her blog, disappearing in plain sight, has numerous articles about writing, life, and travel anecdotes. This particular vacation took us through Hagerman, Idaho, along the Snake River. We stayed in the lovingly rustic and reasonably priced Billingsly Creek Lodge.  To our surprise and delight, as you see below, it was a favourite retreat of Earnest Hemingway’s.


Billingsly creek weaves behind the cottages, and I have many beautiful photos of this spring fed brook that I will save for an up-coming post.  The statuette and the lamp is the one I will share now, because  it is the original photo. As you look below through the differing but connected images, from the first snapshot and then through the numerous clicks and swirls, there are no technical details but it does reveal the artistic process. Here it goes . . . Enjoy!

DSC_0177- DSC_0177-oilmultiplex3 DSC_0177-oilmultiplex5 DSC_0177-oilmultiplex6






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