“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.” Confucius


This is known as our “cliff deck.” It plays a prominent fictitious role in my wife Francis’ soon available novel disappearing in plain sight.





Kitchen deck railing details.



Fran does her writing and posts at our kitchen table just inside this door. 

35 thoughts on “SEEN FROM OUR DECK

    • Ya got me there, Jeff. 🙂 Remember – a photo only shows a part of a scene. This ‘home’ has been 35 years in process, and still has ‘issues’. Having said that, we (Fran and I) do appreciate our life here.

      Getting connected, first via cellphone service an then via sattelite internet, has revolutionized our exiistance – the isolation from people that sometime comes with rural living is much diminished.

      By the way – if ever you’re north of the 49th – well – just sayin!!

      Peace to you, my brother.

  1. Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.” Confucius

    I can see it plainly! It’s just above the left side of the “cliff deck” railing. Really a great shot of the Perch.

    • Thanks Monika . . . these photos definitely show the good days. . . I looked at your “mud on my sneakers” blog. I liked the piece on manure and compost and chickens. Also the kangaroos attacking your fence is sort of funny, though when it happens you probably aren’t amused. . . . here for fun on our entry gate we have a sign that says “kangaroo crossing”, given to us by a friend from Australia. But here our wildlife issues are deer, bears, and cougars – in no particular order.Thanks for dropping in. Cheers on the homestead front.

      • Thanks for checking out my little blog. Glad it gave you a laugh 🙂 Let’s face it, kangaroos are pretty comical-looking to start off with. And I’d much rather deal with them than bears or cougars! I mean, they’re predators, how on earth do you deter one of those from coming your way? Also I love the idea of your sign!

      • The black bears usually just want to lumber away, and you too back carefully away. The cougars are a different story. If you happen too see them – well lets just say, tongue-in-cheek, you’re lucky. In 35 years living here, I have seen them about 1/2 dozen times. In general, I would say we feel cautiously OK about these beautiful but powerful creatures. We do have a dog, that will act (in theory) as an early warning system. There have been some local tradgedies – the best outcome being people counting themselves lucky to having only lost their dog – rarely some outcomes have been worse. To mention my life partners blog, Fran has a interesting short fictional account about a cougar attack. Here’s the link . . . – and she helped her friend write another couger story . . . . . . If you check these stories out, I think you just have to scroll to the top of the page, too get to the articles. Best regards down under.

  2. Thank you for your compliments and wishes, Bruce. We have already checked out your posting about love and the Buddha, too. By the way, this is our last day in Canada. The cruise ship that we are boarding tomorrow is called “Destiny”. We are looking forward to all that lies ahead of us. Home awaits our arrival on March 4th.

  3. In the few times that I have been in that perfect setting, I have never seen such untouched and pristine beauty as you have captured in these pictures, Bruce. Can you hear my expressions of wonder and appreciation?

    • Yes Louise, I do. It reminds me of your words of wisdom & love spoken in this very place when fran & I shared our vows 18 years ago now. Thanks you . . . hope all is well with you and Dave in scotland . . . peace and love as always Bruce

      • Gee Louise … I think you will get notified of this 2nd comment. Fran reminded me you’re still in Canada. Sorry. Also – if you haven’t checked out the Love and Buddha blog, please do . . . your wedding gift to us, the Wishing Well is in good state of being for sure. 🙂 Take care.

    • Its real . . . the funny thing is we have literally dozens of photos looking down “the lake” (as we call it), and they are all beautiful. My wife has used one of these images as the cover for her new novel. Thanks for your comment Linda. Cheers Bruce

    • Thanks Kurt. I wondered who was checking in from Morocco . . . you too have so many wonderful photo images. I really love the architecture shots. Happy & safe traveling. Cheers Bruce

    • Thank you. There are times when the rain storms blow, trees fall down (on our car once), and the road wash outs leaving us stranded – we rarely get snow bound though which seem counter intuitive after seeing these photos! I’m not complaining – just letting you know the other side of living in such a beautiful wildnersess setting. Your comment is apreciated. Cheers Bruce

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